About Us

Art gossips introduced in 2023 by the trio of mother, daughter-in-law & daughter is a vibrant and innovative resin art brand that breathes life. Our passion lies in bringing art to life through the mesmerizing beauty of resin and turning ordinary materials into extraordinary masterpieces.

Art Gossips offers a diverse range of premium resin products, which delivers exceptional results. Our product lineup includes crystal-clear epoxy resins, pigments, molds, and various accessories, all thoughtfully designed to meet the specific needs of resin artists. With our products, artists can create breathtaking jewelry, stunning paintings, eye-catching home décor that capture the essence of their imagination.

We foster creativity by organizing workshops, online tutorials and social media events.

Art Gossips invites you to join our creative movement by contacting us on +91 9328362928

Our social media handle @art_gossips_